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Kimber is a fun, exciting and adventurous girl. She loves to play, dares to explore and never, ever says no. 

Kimber is 22 years old, 158cm tall, weighs 29kg and wears an DD-Cup sized bra. 

Kimber has been Australia's most loved sex doll for years since she was first offered. Her skin, her features and the way she feels are more realistic and sensual than you can imagine. 

Why are our prices lower than our competitors? We don’t offer Kimber through any shops or resellers online. The only place you can purchase a genuine Kimber is right here on KimberDoll.com.au 

Without these other forms of distribution, we’re able to offer Kimber at a very low margin. Despite being the absolute best, most enjoyable doll on the market, we’re able to keep prices reasonable and will occasionally offer some great discounts off our standard prices as incentives for customers sitting on the fence.

By removing all other sales avenues, we’re able to promise customers a unique experience in dealing with the manufacturer directly. We control the design, the materials, the quality systems in place, customer support and domestic shipping to ensure your experience is nothing short of ecstasy.

Kimber is discreetly shipped directly to you with our private courier from our secure warehouse located on the Gold Coast in QLD. 

ABN: 13 628 352 054

Postal Address: 
PO Box 364,
Southport BC, 4215.

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