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Kimber Doll

$699.00 $1,400.00 saving $701.00
Meet Kimber, handmade from the highest quality materials that feels incredible. Kimber is a full-size love doll that is based off of the real Kimber. Stocked in Australia and ready to ship, purchase comfortably and discreetly

Kimber Doll

$699.00 $1,400.00 saving $701.00

In stock and ready to ship! 

Hello, my name is Kimber. I'm a love doll but unlike any other than you have ever seen or experienced before. 

I'm made from the highest quality materials and feature the most realistic characteristics in love doll existence. I'm hand made and genuine in every way. 

Want to meet? I made a video for you.

About Me

Height: 158cm
Weight: 29kg
Age: 19
Breast Size: DD Cup
Skin Material: Proprietary Flesh Compound (Learn More)
Orifices: Realistic Vagina with Detailed Appearance + Tight Anal Entry + Orgasmic Oral Feature
Internal Lengths: Vagina = 25cm, Anal = 25cm, Oral = 14cm (approx.) 
Internal Textures: Varying textures and ribbed features for your pleasure. 
Skeleton: Manoeuvrable limbs that hold positions while in use. Removable head. 

What's Included

- Kimber Doll
- Lingerie as shown or similar
- Care gloves for handling
- Water washing device
- USB heating probe
- Care blanket


This table is an approximate guide for transit times for in-stock products. 

Delivery to Sydney, NSW 1-2 days
Delivery to Melbourne, VIC 2-3 days
Delivery to Brisbane, QLD 1-2 days
Delivery to Canberra, ACT 1-2 days
Delivery to Adelaide, SA 3-4 days
Delivery to Perth, WA 5-6 days
Delivery to Hobart, TAS 4-5 days
Delivery to Darwin, NT 8-10 days

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Full Measurements: 

Length 158cm
Bust 80cm
Lower Bust 62cm
Waist 50cm
Hips 80cm
Arm Length 63cm
Foot Length 21cm
Vaginal Depth 30cm approx.
Anal Depth 25cm approx.
Oral Depth 14cm 

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Lights up my life, wow.

If you worked out how much a real girlfriend actually costs before you get to have regular ***.. Wow this thing pays itself off in a couple weeks based on my experience! F%ck settling down, Kimber lets me concentrate on my work at the same time as letting me do anything I want to her! I have absolutely no regrets buying this. I was a little worried I'd have trouble enjoying Kimber time after time, but damn was I wrong! SUCH a turn on, I love undressing her and giving it to her hard! I love swapping between the ***** and the *******, the fact they are right next to each other but still feel so different, that's awesome.

Harvey L

Comprehensive review:

Shipping box was very large and heavy however also very discrete thankfully. I told the courier who delivered her it was a gazebo tent… He couldn't tell otherwise! :P I'm yet to try her out but for impressions are awesome. Very nice to touch however the lingerie is a little tricky to get on her. Not to make things awkward for anyone reading but I'm finding myself obsessing over my Kimber.. She's so stunning up close in person! The detail on her face and the feeling of being inside her is nothing short of ********! I find myself staying at home on weekends, staying very close and connected to my Kimber. Looking forward to many, many more nights to come with Kimber. She's my new best friend and lover and I'm not afraid to say it! The best part about Kimber? She never says no. We do what I want, when I want and HOW I want. I love tugging on her hair, slapping her **** and pounding her hard! What else are dolls for!? :p

Mitchell Booth

Best purchase of my life - period.

Arrived in a pain discrete box just as expected and in great timing also. Kimber was well packaged. i was very impressed by the first look I had over her body and everything felt great. Her boobs felt awesome, her *** felt unreal and the details on her face were next level awesome. My first time doing the doll we pretty fantastic. I was so exciting I didn't know what to do first or which position to try first! I ended up finishing easily and wished I'd lasted longer and the sensation and feelings were awesome!


First impressions?

I find that this doll feels and performs really well. I've only had a blow up doll prior to this doll so it's a big jump up in all aspects. The feel of her body is very substancial. What I mean is, she's quite heavy and will take a good pounding. I got myself a Kimber after shopping around for a while, finding this website and noticing a significant difference to any other options, this brand differing from all others with just the one doll. I think it's a great idea and it worked out well for me.


Great for couples too!

This may not be your typical *** toy or accessory, however my partner and have for a long time been interested in a threesome so we order Kimber to test the waters. Our expectations were immediatley exceed when she arrived and we experienced just how heavy she was. Once opened up and all ready to go, we were again impressed by the details, especially on her face. No time was wasted and we jumped straight into fulfilling our fantasy of having a 3rd member in bed with us. It was fantastic! A truely wonderful experience that we look forward to enjoying regularly! This is far easier than trying to organise another person that's both trusting, friendly and also healthy. Kimber is excellent.